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The Little Torch with 5 Tips In a Box

The Little Torch with 5 Tips In a BoxThis small multi purpose torch is engineered t braze, weld, or melt metals. Includes hand held torch with five interchangeable tips, 6’ of covered hoses, and complete instructions. Kit has standard B (9/16”) hose fittings.



code description
ST-142 L.T With Five Curved Tips #(3-7) & 6' Hose - (Propane)


Regulators – USA

These high precision regulators are UL listed, 100% tested, made of solid brass for single torch use. Available as single or dual stage, regulators offer a means of providing a dependable control of fuel and oxygen. Units have corrosion resistant brass gauges and shatter proof polycarbonate lenses.

code gases
cylinder outlet
ul listed max
inlet pressure
ST-115 Oxygen All Industrial 0-20 PSI 3000 PSI
ST-116 LP & Acetylene All LP & LRG ACET. 0-15 PSI 400 PSI


Check ValveCheck Valve

A device that primarily controls the flow direction of fuel or oxygen. In line connection is recommended for safety.

code description
ST-135 Oxygen
ST-136 Fuel



Two Hose ManifoldsTwo Hose Manifolds

Allows you to operate one or two torches from a single tank. Separate manifolds must be used for fuel and oxygen. Gas flow is controlled by individual needle valves.

code description
ST-145 Oxygen
ST-146 Fuel/Propane




Torch Mate Electric LighterTorch Mate Electric Lighter

A convenient table top model widely used by professional jewelers. Battery operated electronic circuitry provides instant ignition.

code description
ST-145 Oxygen
ST-146 Fuel/Propane



The Little Torch Tips

The Little Torch TipsEnjoy the extraordinary benefits of these curved or straight tips, that have #(2-3) sizes, with orifices in synthetic sapphire. Guaranteed needle point flame to do intricate work. Available in tip sizes #(2-7).


The Little Torch Hoses

A wide range of hose types all with coupled B (9/16”) fittings. Color coded green or red for easy identification. Complete with installation instructions.

code fuel length
ST-266 Gas 8" Red
ST-267 Oxygen 8" Green

The Little Torch Hoses


Heating Tips

Heating TipsThese are special purpose multiple orifice tips designed to form a larger heating zone. May be used for melting up to 3 oz. of gold or silver. Maximum temperature 5400F for propane and 6000F for acetylene.

code fuel gas pressure (psi) length
fuel oxygen
ST-245 Acetylene 14 10 3"
ST-246 Hydrogen, MAPP 14 10 6"

Important Note for Gas Safety

  • Consult your gas supplier before setting up the tank and torch system.
  • Ensure that the installation conforms to state and local regulations.
  • Secure fuel tanks to reduce risk of damage from falling or explosion.
  • Take professional help for all gas fittings and maintenance.
  • Purge fuel and oxygen lines and shut off main tanks daily after use.
  • Always use eye protection and work in a well ventilated area.


Hose ConnectionHose Connection

Solid, one piece brass connections with nozzle to fit the respective hose size. Separate thread connections for fuel and oxygen. Hose inside dia. 1/8”.

code description
ST-257 For Oxygen
ST-258 For Fuel