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Gold Testing Acid

This solution helps test silver and the carat value of gold. Come in plastic bottles with secure color coded caps. Contents ½ oz.

Gold Testing Acid
code type color
TS-010 10K Yellow
TS-014 14K Green
TS-018 18K White
TS-022 22K Blue
TS-024 Platinum White
TS-029 Silver Red


Gold Test KitsGold Test Kits

Traditional kits used worldwide for testing gold, silver and platinum.

code description
TS-102 5 Compartment Wooden Box with 3 types of test solutions from 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K platinum or silver at customer's choice + test stone (not including needle test)




Presidium Gem Tester

Presidium Gem TesterA gem tester that identifies precious stones using thermal and electrical conductivity. Tests all mounted and unmounted stones up to the smallest size of 0.02 carat. Detects simulants from diamond.

code description
TS-199 Gem Tester