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Datamax Printer E4203

Starter Package Includes:

Datamax Printer E4203
Our most popular model! One of the lowest priced, user-friendly printers in its class. Can print labels up to 4" wide.

DataTagger for Windows Software
-No Programming Required. Compatibla with all PC's - Windows 95 and later (Except Windows 2000)
-Easy-to-use, point-and-click menu selection.
-Pre-designed label formats
-Prints both text and bar codes
-Built-in database keeps track of label information
-Saved tag and label information can be retrieved and edited.

Thermal Transfer Tags
Choose any style from our wide selection of thermal transfer tags or labels (tp to 6,000 tags) - over 20 styles available.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Parallel or USB Printer Cable


Most Commonly Used Tags

4500 tags per roll


4000 tags per roll


Anti-Tarnish Tissue

Anti-Tarnish TissueMade of the finest quality white bleached tissue. Available in rolls for wrapping of silverware, jewelry and other gift articles. Provides excellent protection from tarnish.

code description
PA-002 7.375" Width x 1000'




Paper Cutter

Paper CutterA practical stand for dispensing tissue paper rolls. Has a drop leaf steel blade that allows clean tear away of any required length without the use of scissors. May be fitted on the table top for convenience.

code description
PA-001 For 7.375" Roll





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