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Surface Finishing

Vibratory Tumblers

Vibratory TumblersDesigned for mass finishing with ceramic, plastic or synthetic media. Achieve consistent finishes with minimum down time. Bowls are large heavy polyethylene, reinforced for durability, and provided with easily removable covers for in process inspection. All models have ball bearing motors, with thermal overload protection, and valves with a strainer for fitment to an optional flow through (FT) system.

capacity work pieces
3 qt 50 Rings
6 qt 100 Rings
4.75 gal 300 Rings


code capacity dimension max. load power
TB-201 6 qt FT 11.5" x 12" 18 lb 110V/60Hz


Magnetic Finishers

An ingenious, new approach to the mass finishing of work pieces that have cuts, slots, recesses and filigree. Achieve excellent results with freely moving micro stainless steel pins and balls, that create numerous impacts by centrifugal motion. Features fixed or variable speeds, manual or programmable. All models have see through bowls with a cover for easy loading. Complete instructions included. All programmable finishers have a variable speed control and a forward/reverse switch selector.

Magnetic Finishers
code pins capacity ring capacity bowl dia. timer volts hz/hp
TB-064 100g 12 4"/100mm Mechanical 110V/60Hz 1/32
TB-066 200g 30 6"/150mm Programmable 110V/60Hz 1/12
TB-068 500g 100 9"/230mm Programmable 110V/60Hz 1/3


Spares for Magnetic Tumblers

motor armature for
TB-081 TB-102 TB-064
TB-083 TB-104 TB-066
TB-085 TB-106 TB-068
code bowl dia.
TB-075 4"/100mm
TB-076 6"/150mm
TB-077 9"/230mm


ciruit board
code circuit board
TB-091 115V/60Hz
TB-092 220V/50Hz
code timer
TB-110 Mechanical
TB-111 Programmable


S/Steel Magnetic Pins & Balls

S/Steel Magnetic Pins & BallsMade of quality material, these micro pins and balls must be used with a small amount of burnishing compound and mild detergent in magnetic finishers. For finishing delicate jewelry, use steel balls that rotate gently within the bowl.

code description
TB-400 0.5 x 5mm 250g - PIN
TB-401 0.3 x 5mm 250g - PIN


Rotary Tumblers

Rotary tumblers are stable well balanced units that are capable of processing larger work pieces with heavier media. Process times are longer than vibratory finishing, but a distinct advantage is that the surface of work pieces get work hardened. Barrels are multi sided, made of tough polycarbonate, leak proof and will not corrode or rust. Use with all types of media including steel shot. Addition of burnishing compound and detergent, keeps parts cool and avoids drag during tumbling. Features include variable speed, a programmable timer, forward/reverse and auto shut off with buzzer.

  Rotary Tumblers
code description bowl dimension power
TB-050 Rotating Tumbler 1 Kg 5.5" x 4.0" 110V/60Hz
TB-051 Rotating Tumbler 2 Kg 7.5" x 5.5" 110V/60Hz


Steel Shot& Stainless Steel ShotSteel Shot& Stainless Steel Shot

Steel Shot: Made of carbon steel in various shapes, but uniform in size. Fine shot is the ideal choice of media for burnishing. It is a proven fact that the addition of tumbling powder, moistened with burnishing compound, helps to prevent rust on the steel shot. The tempered steel shot will impart a uniform, scratch free, work hardened surface on all metals. After use, carbon steel shot must be rinsed clean and stored in a rust preventive solution.

Stainless Steel Shot: Unlike carbon steel, this media needs no rust protection. Heavier in weight and corrosion resistant, these shot may be safely used with acid soap solutions. Selection of the shape is determined by the form of the work pieces. Pins are the ideal choice for finishing intricate cavities and filigree. This media must be cleansed in water, then dried and stored.

size/shape carbon s/shot s.s/shot
1/8" Eclipse - not shown TB-329 TB-339
1/8" Balls TB-331 TB-341
1/8" Ball Cones TB-334 TB-344
1/16" x 9/32" PINS TB-336 TB-346
Mixed Shot TB-350 TB-354


Tumbling SoapTumbling Soap

Finely ground tumbling soap is an ideal cleaning soap for tumblers.

code contents
Oakite #3 2.5 lb / pack



Cyclone Sand BlasterCyclone Sand Blaster

The sand blaster is an air tight plastic cabinet within which an air jet forces blasting media, either glass beads or aluminum oxide, on to the article to remove hardened investment or to generate a smooth surface. The cabinet is one piece molded and resistant to rust or leakage. Blasting media is automatically re-circulated. An air pressure regulator allows variation in the applied blasting force. The blaster includes a convenient easy viewing glass with the additional benefit of an internal light. A double filter system eliminates the dust particles from contaminating the environment. Operates on 60-80 PSI. (Compressor not included).


Blasting MediaBlasting Media

Surface preparation is of vital importance before polishing, burnishing and plating. Surface roughness may be improved by blasting with media, either abrasives or glass beads. Different surface finishes may be generated by varying the parameters of the micron size of abrasives and air pressure. The degree of matte to satin finish depends on the hardness of the material being finished.

Glass Beads - 3 lb
code grade micron
UL-048 Ex-Fine 20
UL-049 Fine 60
UL-050 Medium 100
UL-051 Coarse 240