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Needle Tip Flux DispenserNeedle Tip Flux Dispenser

Eliminate messy flux brushes by using this squeeze bottle dispenser. Spot dispensing puts the flux exactly where required. Keeps flux free of dust and other contaminants.

code capacity
SO-363 2 oz



Pump Flux Dispenser

Pump Flux DispenserDurable plastic bottle. Easy to refill with flux. Dispenses a limited amount of flux or other liquid into a reservoir. Very useful for brush application.

code capacity
SO-362 4 oz



Sheet Repair Solders – Cadmium Free

Sheet Repair Solders – Cadmium FreeSolder in sheet form for the identical color match to the carat of the piece to be soldered. All free flowing to provide a strong permanent joint. Available in three grades. Sold one dwt (1.555g).



code grade flow temp /f
SO-150 10W Easy 1365
SO-152 10W Hard 1550
SO-154 14W Easy 1380
SO-155 14W Medium 1440
SO-156 14W Hard 1570
SO-158 18W Easy 1465
SO-159 18W Medium 1495
SO-160 18W Hard 1590
code grade flow temp /f
SO-170 10Y Easy 1340
SO-172 10Y Hard 1475
SO-174 14Y Easy 1395
SO-175 14Y Medium 1380
SO-176 14Y Hard 1471
SO-178 18Y Easy 1425
SO-179 18Y Medium 1495
SO-180 18Y Hard 1535


Platinum Solders – Cadmium Free
code description melt. temp /F
PT-1000 Platinum Solders 1000 1000
PT-1200 Platinum Solders 1200 1200
PT-1300 Platinum Solders 1300 1300
PT-1500 Platinum Solders 1500 1500
PT-1700 Platinum Solders 1700 1700
PT-PTH Platinum Solders PTH -

Platinum Solders – Cadmium Free

A perfect solder for platinum to avoid problems of porosity and color match. Available in three different grades. Sold one dwt (1.555g).




Silver Solders
code grade
SO-235 Easy

Silver Solders

Manufactured to exacting quality control standards with consistency of melting and flow point. Available in sheet. Sold in dwt.




Boric Acid PowderBoric Acid Powder

Dissolve in denatured spirit, in a glass container, to make a liquid flux. Recommended for general soldering tasks. Keep covered as it evaporates easily.

code grade
SO-101 1 Jar Boric Acid



Borax PowderBorax Powder

Makes paste by the addition of water. When applied, acts as a flux and allows solder to flow. Best used to line the insides of crucibles, as it helps extend crucible life.

code description
SO-102 1 Jar Borax Powder



Yellow FluxYellow Flux

A different kind of flux that has self pickling and adhesive qualities. Holds solders bits in place and preserves the color and temper of the material. Suitable for metals with high melting points.

code capacity
SO-360 1 qt
SO-361 1 gal



Blue FluxBlue Flux

Completely protects the finish of the jewelry piece being soldered from fire scale, reducing the need for time-consuming pickling and stripping. Prevent discoloration and oxidation of all metals that contain copper.

code capacity
SO-360 1 qt
SO-361 1 gal


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