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Leather Finger Cots

Leather Finger CotsSoft leather guard necessary for use in protecting fingers from compounds, heat and abrasion during grinding and finishing.

code description
LS-681 Large - #6




Suede Finger Guard

Suede Finger GuardMade of soft leather, for comfort, it protects fingers from burns or abrasion during grinding, polishing and finishing operations.

code description
PC-700 Medium - Open End
PC-701 Large - Open End
PC-702 Medium - Closed End
PC-703 Large - Closed End


Rubber Finger Cots

Superior quality rubber provides a comfortable grip and protects finger tips during grinding and polishing.

Rubber Finger Cots
code description
PC-676 11.5" - Small
PC-677 12" - Medium
PC-678 13" - Large
PC-679 14" - Ex. Large


3M Dust Mask

3M Dust MaskComplete protection from toxic dust and other harmful airborne particles. The mask is comfortable, filters air and does not interfere with breathing. A necessity when drilling, grinding and finishing.

code description
SA-001 Dust Mask


Safety Goggles for Platinum

Safety Goggles for Platinum
code description
LS-401 7
LS-401-01 10
LS-393 Clear Glass

Light plastic wrap-around frames with safety colored lenses protect eyes when melting metal, soldering or brazing.

Safety Goggles