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Ring Tools

Kagan Wedding Ring Sizer

Kagan Wedding Ring Sizer
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RI-127 Kagan Ring Sizer
RI-127 Replacement Spline

Easy to use for all rings without stone settings. This sturdy unit bolts to the work bench, is a down stroke model that operates with minimal effort. Enlarge or reduce rings with this combination machine. Accepts all ring up to #14 and widths up to 12mm. Tl is reversible and has 12 different reductions. Sizer is built horizontal reductions. Sizer is built horizontal ser has more control while sizing.



Ring Stretcher with ReducerRing Stretcher with Reducer

A heavy duty upright model that bolts to the work bench. Very even expansion for reduction of ring bands up to size #15 and widths up to 12mm. Six leaf expansion mandrel is calibrated for approximate ring size. The reduction die is reversible. Not for use on stone set rings.

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RI-131 Stretcher With Reducer






Stone Ring Stretcher
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RI-119 Stone Ring Stretcher
RI-120 Replacement Rolls

Stone Ring Stretcher

A well made bench unit that is very necessary for enlarging all stone set rings. It rolls out the shrank, stretches the metal to expand, without loosening prongs or stressing the stone settings. A set of 17 polished rollers are included to accommodate all ring sizes.



Setters Clamp SetRing Setters

A universal tool that allows all round accessibility for setting. Nine nylon inserts cover the entire range of ring sizes from #2-13. The head unscrews for alternative mounting in a vise.

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RI-149 Setters Clamp Set
RI-417 Bench Pin For RI-149

Bench Pin For RI-149


MILLrite – Millgrain MachineMillgrain Machine Complete

This unique device has all the features needed to create professional decorative designs on rings, sizes #2-13. A sturdy machine that includes a work holding device, a tool clamp, and an ingenious tool feed mechanism. All moving parts are ground for a precision fit. Easy to operate with minimal effort. Imprinted designs exhibit a high degree of brilliance. Use with lathe millgrain tools.

code description
MG-345 Millgrain Machine Complete
MG-346 Set of 9 Collets





Lathe Millgrain

Emboss decorative designs on the edges of rings and bracelets. Embossing wheels are 6 mm in diameter mounted on square tool shanks that fit on a millgrain machine or lathe. Wheels are hardened and tempered to ensure long tool life. Select from a variety of patterns to suit individual creations.

code description
MG-350 M4 Male
MG-351 F4 Female
MG-352 M6 Male
MG-353 F6 Female
MG-354 M8 Male
MG-355 F8 Female
MG-356 M9 Male
MG-357 F9 Female
MG-358 M10 Male
MG-359 F10 Female
MG-360 M12 Male
MG-361 F12 Female
code description
MG-362 M14 Male
MG-363 F14 Female
MG-364 R1 Rope
MG-365 R2 Rope
MG-366 R3 Rope
MG-367 K1 Coin Edge
MG-368 CM13 Diamond
MG-369 CM15 Diamond
MG-370 HB Design
MG-371 F16 Female
MG-372 CF 7
MG-373 CF 10


Ring Cutter

Ring CutterSure grip handle. Extremely safe to use.

code description
PJ-900 Ring Cutter Deluxe
PJ-901 Spare Blade



Mark A Size
code description
RI-109 Ring Mark A Size

Mark A Size

Reducing ring size is simplified by Mark A Size ring gauge. Has quarter sizer increments from ¼” to 3 full sizes.



Display RingsDisplay Rings

Use for displaying precious color stones. Squeeze shanks sides together and prongs slide apart to hold the stone.

code description
RD-172 Chrome Large
RD-174 Gold Large




Ring GuardsRing Guards

Accurate marking eliminates guess work when rings are to be resized. A complete set of gauge in tempered steel, with quarter size increments up to three full sizes.

code description  
RG-001 Yellow Ladies
RG-002 Yellow Gents
RG-003 Yellow Giant
RG-004 Yellow Jumbo
code description  
RG-005 White Ladies
RG-006 White Gents
RG-007 White Giant
RG-008 White Jumbo