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Heavy Duty Double Shaft Polisher / Dust Collector

Heavy Duty Double Shaft Polisher / Dust Collector
code specification
DC-018 110V/60Hz
DC-013 Replacement Filter

A wide body design, double spindle polisher has a totally enclosed 1/2HP motor, pre-lubricated sealed ball bearings and 5/8” tapered spindles at both ends. Built into a steel enclosure it includes a powerful squirrel cage suction motor, with replaceable fiberglass filters. Hood has clear plastic shield for eye protection. Dimensions 32” x 22” x 12”.


BL Bench Lathe Kits

code specification
K.BL-DCH BL Bench Lathe Kits, 110V

Includes BL Lathe with Left (A-TM5) and Right (A-TM6) Tapered Spindles and two DCH-1 Dust Hoods. 110V.






Double End Polisher / Dust Collector
110 V, 60 Hz, 15 Amps
Filter area:   150Sq. Ft.

Double End Polisher / Dust Collector

A larger unit, all steel enclosure, floor model that has ample room for sit down operation. Includes powerful polisher 1 HP, speed 1300 CFM. Additionally provided with a suction motor and replaceable cloth filter bags. Each end is protected with a polishing hood to entrap dust particles.

Dimensions:22 1/2" W X 25" D X 39" H





Dust Collector Dust Collector

Dimensions:15 1/2" W X 14 3/4" D X 21" H

110 V, 60 Hz, 15 Amps
Filter area:    90Sq. Ft.




1/2 Horse Power Baldor Motor1/2 Horse Power Baldor Motor


Dust Collector Hood

Made in fiberglass, these protection hoods are easy to install with most bench polishers. Built in suction inlet needs to be connected to an external dust collector.

  code description
  DC-025 Dust Collector Hood
Light Socket
DC-026 Light Socket
Hood Shield
DC-027 Hood Shield
Filter For Hood
DC-039 Filter For Hood


Split Lapping Machine – Benchtop ModelSplit Lapping Machine – Benchtop Model

Similar to the above model but portable so as to be mounted on a bench. Unit is complete with motor switch, grounded connecting cord and an adjustable work light.

code specification
BF-350 110V/60Hz







Finger Guard Safety TapeFinger Guard Safety Tape

An alternative to finger guards, protection tape readily adheres and is easy to apply and remove. Made of surgical grade gauze, it conforms to the contours of the finger. Ideal protection from the hazards of sharp edges and hot surfaces.
Size ¾” wide x 9’ length. 16 pcs in a roll.

code description
PC-699 Safety Tape




Suede Finger Guard

Made of soft leather, for comfort, it protects fingers from burns or abrasion during grinding, polishing and finishing operations.

Suede Finger Guard
code description
PC-700 Medium - Open End
PC-701 Large - Open End
PC-702 Medium - Closed End
PC-703 Large - Closed End




Rubber Finger Cots

Superior quality rubber, provides a comfortable grip and protects finger tips during grinding and polishing.

Ruber Finger Cots
code description
PC-676 11.5" - Small
PC-677 12" - Medium
PC-678 13" - Large
PC-679 14" - Ex. Large


Gray Star
code description
PC-040 Standard 1 lb
PC-041 Premium 1 lb

Gray Star

A free cutting abrasive of fine particle size that leaves a soft bright pre-finish on platinum and palladium.


Soft Polishing Compounds

After initial polishing, the next stage is to enhance the surface of materials from a dull satin to a medium bright finish. At this point, the surface of the metal and alloys improves appreciably, as fine hair line scratches are virtually nonexistent, and the surface exhibits a medium luster. These compounds may be used on tight muslin wheels or buffs.


A crocus compound that produces scratch free surfaces on all precious metals. May also be used for polishing soft semi-precious stones. Leaves a bright mirror finish on the surface.

code description
PC-045 1 lb - Green








A soft polishing compound formulated for working on plastics, fiberglass or soft metals. Very adaptable for use with flannel or chamois wheels.

code description
PC-038 1 lb - White







Rouge Polishing Compounds
Green Bar
code description
PC-011-R 1 lb Red Bar - Fine
PC-011-G 1 lb Green Bar - X-Fine

Rouge Polishing Compounds

Rouge polishing is the ultimate step to achieve maximum luster. A superfine polishing compound that is well accepted for use on muslin, flannel, or chamois wheels. Has an extremely light cutting action to impart a mirror finish on all precious metals.




White Compound
code description
PC-038-BAR 1 lb - White

White Compound

A soft polishing compound formulated for working on plastics, fiberglass or soft metals. Very adaptable for use with flannel or chamois wheels.



1 lb Bar Lapping Compound
code description
PC-LAP 1 lb Bar Lapping Compound

Lapping Compound

A lapping polishing compound formulated for working on all types of metal. Very adaptable for use with lap wheels.



Dialux Polishing Compounds
code color
PC-050 Red
PC-051 Green
PC-052 White

Dialux Polishing Compounds

A select type of super soft abrasive, uniformly blended with a carrier wax. These compounds have special features that allow good adhesion to the fibers of brushes, buffs or felts. Only minimal quantities need to be used. Bar size 4” x 1.25” x 1.125”

Red Dialux
Produces a brilliant shine on yellow gold, but may also be
used for silver.
Green Dialux
All purpose medium for hard alloys such as chromium,
cobalt and stainless steel.
White Dialux
For reflective polishing of silver and silver alloys.


KOYO Premium Platinum RoueKOYO Premium Platinum Rouge

A finishing compound, manufactured from carefully graded abrasives, blended with additives to give high reflective surfaces to non-ferrous metals and stainless steels.



K-1 Green Rouge
: General purpose for preliminary finishing applications.
K-2 Green Rouge
: Intermediate stage finishing compound.
Alox-5 White
: For final finish, to achieve a distinctive luster.
code color wt.
PC-060 Alox 5 - White 1/4 lb
PC-062 Alox 5 - White 1 lb




Platinum Rouge - Japan

Platinum Rouge - Japan
code color weight
PC-085 Picca-Blue 1/4 lb

A Selected grade of polishing compound formulated for ultra bright finishing of platinum. Uniformly blended and manufactured under strict quality control. Exceptional adherence to buffs, brushes or felts. Five different grades to achieve surfaces from matt to super shine.

Picca Blue: Ultra bright finish for platinum and gold.