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RhodiPen for Pen Plating

An array of designer shades of rhodium, gold, silver, nickel and palladium can be plated by means of a special fiber tip pen. The pen is slim and facilitates plating of intricate or specific areas. The article to be plated is connected to the cathode by an alligator clip. The fiber tip is the anode and is immersed into the plating solution. Operate on 110 Voltage.

code description
PE-503 RhodiPen for Pen Plating
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Degussa Rhodium Solutions

Degussa Rhodium SolutionsA new type of pen plating solution, carefully formulated to give consistent results, Achieve a white reflective surface on gold to create artistic effects. RH-Rhodium.

code description
PE-524 J2 - 2g Rh/100ml Bath
PE-524-02 TD 2g Rh/100ml



Pen Plating Solutions

Pen Plating SolutionsThese plating solutions plate directly on all types of metals. Use a porous fiber tip pen with a pen plating rectifier for creating artistic designs. RH-Rhodium.

code description
PE-520-1/2 1/2 g - Concentrate Rhodium Solution
PE-520 1 g - Concentrate Rhodium Solution



Pen Plating Solution - Yellow Gold

Pen Plating Solution - Yellow Gold
code color contents
PE-100 14K Gold - 1/4g 2 oz.
PE-102 18K Gold - 1/4g 2 oz.
PE-104 24K Gold - 1/4g 2 oz.
PE-106 Rose Gold - 1/4g 2 oz.



Krohn Gold Plating Solutions

Krohn Gold Plating SolutionsSpecifically formulated for each grade of gold. These solutions are pre-mixed and ready to use. Articles achieve a bright reflective finish. May be used with stainless steel anodes. Contains one pennyweight of pure gold per quart.

code description
PE-114 14K Gold - 1 qt
PE-118 18K Gold - 1 qt
PE-120 Pink - 1 qt
PE-122 24 Gold - 1 qt


Cohler Rhodium Plating Solutions

Cohler Rhodium Plating Solutions
code description
PE-518 Rhodium 1 g - 1 pint (Ready to use)
PE-519 Rhodium 2 g - 1 pint (Ready to use)

Prepared from virgin rhodium salts, under stringent quality control, and guaranteed to give an exquisite appearance. Plates directly on platinum, gold or pure nickel. To plate silver, copper or bronze alloys, articles must first have a primary nickel plate. Use with platinized titanium or platinum anodes only.
Rhodium Replenisher
Use this solution to replenish the bath when the chemical balance is depleted during rhodium plating.




EnamelsA range of brilliant colors that can be effectively used to create artistic designs on jewelry. After application on gold, solver and copper, the articles when fired will convert the enamel into a hard glossy coating. Set consists of black, white, red, blue, yellow and green – 2 oz ea.

code description contents
CT-020 6 Color SET
CT-025 Black 2 oz
CT-026 White 2 oz
CT-027 Red 2 oz
code description contents
CT-028 Blue 2 oz
CT-029 Yellow 2 oz
CT-030 Green 2 oz
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