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Lamps & Loupes

Dazor Lamps

Dazor LampsA metal enamel finished floating arm fluorescent lamp with 15W daylight tubes to provide natural light. The mechanical construction is enclosed, with no exposed springs or wires and its movement is easily positioned. Available in different colors and styles. Tubes and bulbs are not covered by warranty. UL listed.





code gray black volts tubes
Clamp LM-110 LM-111 110V 3
Desk LM-114 LM-115 110V 3


Portable Flip Lamp – White Light

Portable Flip Lamp – White LightEspecially for gems and jewelry, these lightweight, compact folding lamps are excellent for stone grading and color matching. Adjustable positioning and an auto shut off when closed. May be swiveled a full 360 degree. A 13W fluorescent bulb is included.

code description
LM-134 Flip Lamp 110V
LM-135 Flip Lamp 220V


B & L Hastings Triplet Loupes

B & L Hastings Triplet LoupesA Hastings lens has three lenses bonded together to form a compound lens. View sharp magnified images with no color distortion.

code power focal
LD-210 10X 1" 15.8mm
LD-214 14X 3/4" 12.5mm
LD-220 20X 1/2" 8.25mm


B & L Watch Makers – Double Lens Eye Loupes

B & L Watch Makers – Double Lens Eye LoupesTwice the Magnification in a single lens. Screw off the front lens when not needed. Attractive non-reflective black finish with precision ground and polished lenses for maximum clarity.

code power focal distance
LW-212 4X & 7X 1.5" x 2.5"



B & L Single Lens Eye Loupes

B & L Single Lens Eye LoupesOptional precision ground lightweight lens with soft black interior provides a clear field of view. These magnifiers have a lens diameter of 1”.

code power focal distance
LW-204 4X 2.5"
LW-205 5X 2"
LW-207 7X 1.5"
LW-210 10X 1"



Zeiss Professional Loupe

Zeiss Professional LoupePocket magnifiers for the professional. The aplanatic and achromatic design of the Zeiss lens system provides a field of view that is free of chromatic aberrations and distortion in the peripheral zone. The anti-reflective coating prevents glare. Protected in a leather pouch.

code power distance diameter
LD-500 10X 1" 19.75mm


Loupe Chains
code description
LD-204 Gold
LD-205 Chrome

Loupe Chains

Attaching these chains to the swivel end of your jewelers loupe will keep it handy at all times.



Megaview Plastic Lenses – Japan

Megaview Plastic Lenses – JapanIdeal for viewing micro-fine details, without distortion. Light in weight, high quality lenses have a scratch proof coating.

code description
LS-400 Megaview - 3 Lenses




Optivisor – USA

Optivisor – USAOptivisor lenses are manufactured from high quality optical glass prepared to ophthalmic standards. Frames are light in weight, durable and impact resistant. The visor is pivot mounted to the head band so that it may be adjusted to any position. Lens plates are interchangeable.




code style power focal distance
LS-402 DA2 1.5X 20"
LS-403 DA3 1.75X 14"
LS-404 DA4 2X 10"
LS-405 DA5 2.5X 8"
LS-407 DA7 2.75X 6"
LS-410 DA10 3.5X 4"
Lens Plates
code style power focal distance
LS-422 #2 1.5X 20"
LS-423 #3 1.75X 14"
LS-424 #4 2X 10"
LS-425 #5 2.5X 8"
LS-427 #7 2.75X 6"
LS-430 #10 3.5X 4"


CZ Master Set CZ Master Set

The ability to easily and professionally color grade diamonds is now at your fingertips!

code description
CZ-1930 Color: E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M &N



Heart and Arrow Scopes Heart and Arrow Scopes

The finest cut round brilliant diamonds, with their perfect symmetry and extraordinary beauty, display a unique optical symmetry pattern when viewed through our special scope.

code description
LD-HA-01 Heart and Arrow Scopes



Diamond Inscription Loupe Diamond Inscription Loupe

Our customer friendly device holds a ring and easily allows the user to view the mounted diamond's certificate number which is laser inscribed on its girdle. Swiveling ring pad and simple focusing.

code description
LD-0516 Diamond Inscription Loupe


GemOro Duo-View Darkfield Loupe

GemOro Duo-View Darkfield Loupe

GemOro Superior Instruments did it agian. The Duo-View Darkfield Loupe with its innovative design and features make all other traditional darkfield loupes obsolete. This is the most useful gemological tool to be offered in years!

Dual 21mm focusing GemRro Hastings triplet lenses
Features a 20X side lens and a 10X top lens

code description
LD-2348 GemOro Duo-View Darkfield Loupe


GemOro Elite Model 1067 ZX

GemOro Elite Model 1067 ZX

10X -67X zoom microscope including built-in additional overhead light source and new European base.

Weight: 40 lb

code description
MICRO-1584 Microscope 1067 ZX






UV Fluorescence Detector Lamp

UV Fluorescence Detector Lamp

Ultra Violet Fluorescence Lamp used to detect fluorescence in many stones.

code description
2362 UV Lamp