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Yellow Tang High Speed Gravers

Yellow Tang High Speed GraversThese gravers are specially used by stone setters, die sinkers, jewelers and watch makers. Excellent for use on all alloys and precious metals. Made of High Speed Steel hardened and tempered. All gravers may be re-sharpened when needed.



size high speed
50 GH-240
51 GH-241
52 GH-242
53 GH-243
54 GH-244
55 GH-245
56 GH-246
size high speed
36 GH-230
37 GH-231
38 GH-232
39 GH-233
40 GH-234
41 GH-235
42 GH-237
43 GH-237
45 GH-238
size high speed
5/0 GH-215
4/0 GH-216
3/0 GH-217
2/0 GH-218
0 GH-219
1 GH-220
2 GH-221
3 GH-222
4 GH-223
5 GH-224
6 GH-225
7 GH-226
8 GH-227


size carbon steel high speed
0 GH-011 GH-132
1 GH-012 GH-133
2 GH-013 GH-134
3 GH-014 GH-135
4 GH-015 GH-136

Muller Gravers

High Speed: These gravers hold an edge up to five times longer than carbon steel gravers. Preferred for use on silver, gold, platinum and steel. May be modified for use with power assisted engraving systems.

Carbon Steel: Made of high grade steel. Suitable for use on metals such as copper, silver, gold and other alloys.


Adjustable Graver Handle

Adjustable Graver HandleSet the graver to the required length and lock in position by the set screw. Useful for working with gravers of short lengths.

code length
GH-263 2.5"
GH-264 3"


Graver HandlesGraver Handles

Handles for gravers made in fine finished hardwood. Ends are reinforced with metal sleeves to retain the tang firmly.

code shape dia. x len.
GH-253 Mushroom 1.250" x 2.750"
GH-254 Mushroom 1.250" x 1.750"
GH-256 Half Head 1.250" x 2.000"
GH-258 Half Head 1.375" x 1.625"
GH-259 Pear 1.625" x 1.875"
GH-260 Pear 1.250" x 1.750"
GH-261 Round 1.375" x 1.625"
GH-262 Gourd 1.3125" x 2.500"