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code description
MO-008 Microlab 350 With Control Box
MO-009 Tech 2000 Handpiece
MO-010 Collet Chuck 1/8"
MO-011 Collet Chuck 3mm

These two Micro-Motors, Microlab 350 and Gempower 45,000 are very simple and economical motor driven handpieces. One of the best engineered tools for freehand. They are great for model makers, stone setters, cleaning, polishing of casting. Both have forward and reverse control with dual voltage 110/220V.


General Applications Kit

General Applications Kit

1/6 HP Reversible SR Motor FCT Foot Operated Speed Control in plastic housing 30 Handpiece with geared 3-jaw #0 chuck and CK-0 chuck key with plastic handle No.21--An 84 pc Accessory Kit, flex shaft grease.

code description
K-2272 General Applications Kit





Code: M.TX Code: S-Serie Motor
Description: TX Motor, 1/3 HP, RPM ranges from 500-15,000 RMP
Description: S-Motor, 1/8 HP, 18,000RPM



Drill Press

A rugged and precise stand which converts your foredom flexible shaft power tool into a drill press.The sturdy, all metal stand is fully adjustable, has a 2" throat capacity and a stroke length up to 1.25".

code description
HO-022 Drill Press












PowerGraver Kit and Accessories

Ideal for Bead, Prong, Channel, Hammer and Bezel Setting, Engraving and other Decorative Work.

Code Description
10215 Carbide Stylus
10177P Anvil Point
A-G91 #52 Round
A-G92 #3 Onglette
A-G93 #2 Bevel
A-G94 #40 Flat
M.PGX 110V Motor
H.9D Hand Piece
C.EMGX Dial Control
C.FCG On/Off Foot Switch



Micromotor-Brushless High Torque, High Speed (1,000 to 50,000 RPM)

Code Description
K.1050 Brushless High Torque, High Speed Micromotor Kit, 110V
H.MH-150 Brushless Micromotor Handpiece
HP4-717 Control Box
HP7-7060 Variable Speed Foot Control
Replacement Collets For MH-150 Micromotor Handpiece
HP7-5008 2.35mm (3/32") Collet
HP7-5006 3mm Collet
HP7-5007 1/8" (3.18mm) Collet


Micromotor Hammer for Stone Setting & Engraving

Code Description
K.1080 Micromotor Hammer for Stone Setting & Engraving Kit, 110V
HPMH-011 Micromotor Reciprocating Handpiece


Micromotor Reciprocating Handpiece


Micromotor Hammer Accessories Replacement Part



Micromotor-High Speed Rotary Handpiece

Code Description
K.1070 Rotary Micromotor Kit with Variable Speed up to 38,000 RPM Kit
H.MH-170 High Speed Rotary Handpiece


AllSet for Stone Setting

Code Description
AK-820 AllSet Master Stone Setting Kit


Special Guide Kits and Sets
13 Prong-Setting
3 Channel-Setting
7 Pave-Setting
Easy-Cut Prong
Guide Set
Code: AK-827 Code: AK-829 Code: AK-833 Code: AK-847



N0 30 & 330 Handpiece

N0 30 & 330 Handpiece
code description
MO-162 Foredom Handpiece #30

General purpose, continuous duty handpiece. One piece, light weight metal body, with permanently sealed ball bearings that requires no lubrication. Protected Jacobs 3 jaw chuck to gip all tools with straight shanks up to 5/32”. Includes chuck key.


Foredom No 35 Handpiece

Foredom No 35 Handpiece
code description
MO-165 #35 Handpiece

The ideal handpiece for diamond fly tools and carbide points. Speed up to 35,000 rpm, with a planetary drive, from motor speed of maximum 12,000 rpm. Single piece construction, with double shield, pre-lubricated ball bearings. Includes 1/8” collet with wrench. Collets for other sizes are available.


Foredom Hammer Handpiece No 15 & 15D

Foredom Hammer Handpiece No 15 & 15D
code description
MO-172 #15
MO-173 #15D With Duplex Spring

A precision made affordable handpiece for stone setters. Create textures, Florentine, set stones in channels, close bezels and prongs. Adjustable 5,000 stroke per minute with an impact hammer action. Uses screw style tools, diamond pave and carbide points.



Fordom Quick Change No 18 & 18D (Duplex)
code description
MO-160 #18D With Duplex Spring
MO-161 #18

Fordom Quick Change No 18 & 18D (Duplex)

Impressive handpiece for the stone setter that has applications involving numerous tool changes. Quiet continuous operation, pre-loaded lubricated ball bearings and a rapid lock/release lever for tools with 3/32” shanks.


Badeco Hammer Handpiece
code description
MO-170 Normal Stroke - 217
MO-171 Strong Stroke - 222
MO-435 Hammer Tip - 0.5mm Round
MO-436 Hammer Tip - 1mm Round
MO-437 Hammer Tip - 1mm Square
MO-438 Hammer Tip - 0.5 x 1mm Oval

Badeco Hammer Handpiece

Dependable striking force makes this handpiece the #1 choice of the professional stone setter. Close bezels and prongs, design pave, texture and Florentine. The duplex spring system offers complete maneuverability. Working speed 12,000 strokes per minute.





Faro Handpieces

Faro Handpieces
code description
MO-155 Handpiece Standard Model
MO-156 Handpiece With Duplex Spring
MO-157 Duplex Connection

Light weight one piece body with permanently lubricated, double sealed ball bearings. Quick tool change system provides real time savings. Comes with or without duplex connector and one 3/32” collet.




Electronic Foot Control – SCTElectronic Foot Control – SCT

Wide base design, non-slip floor grip, speed controller in a metal body. Dependable solid state circuitry for continuous speed variation of Foredom Motors type “CC” & “S”.

code description
MO-136 SCT-1 / 110V/60Hz



Electronic Foot Control – FCTElectronic Foot Control – FCT

Solid state, foot operated control in a high impact plastic housing, with skid resistant base. Positive continuous range of speeds for all Foredom motors type “CC” & “S”.

code description
MO-134 FCT-1 / 110V/60Hz




Electronic Foot Control – FCRElectronic Foot Control – FCR

High impact plastic body with advanced solid state circuitry, has an built-in feed back to provide full torque at low speeds. Low profile, wide body with non-slip base. May be used with “Gems” motor.

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