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Outside Engraver

Outside Engraver
code specificaTION
EN-012 Engraver Machine
EN-013 Diamond Tip
EN-014 Box for Templates
EN-019 Jewelry Holder (set of 4 pcs)

A manual engraver so easy to operate anyone can get professional results in minutes. Engrave on small objects of jewelry, in any precious metal or plastics. Pantograph ratio from 2.5:1 to 6:1, a universal vise 360 degree rotation with 8 index positions, and height adjustment up to 115 mm. Slide accommodates 1.25” and 2.75” character blanks. Diamond tip has drag feature to give a bright, highly readable appearance without removing any precious metal. Complete instruction included.

Presidium Outside EngraverPresidium Outside Engraver

Engraving Character Sets

Engraving copy scripts are high accuracy characters made by a “V” groove in bright coated brass. Made of standard 1.25” width blanks, these fonts will fit the machine slides of most manufacturer. Sets of different font styles come neatly organized in a polished wooden box. Individual replacement letters and numbers are available.

Double Line Script
Double Line Script - 5/8" Letter, 47 Capitals + 56 Lower Case + 20 Numerals + 17 Specials/Spacers =140 pcs, Code:EN-015
Double Line Block
Double Line Block - 5/8" Letter, 104 Capitals + 20 Numerals + 16 Specials/ Spacers = 140 pcs



Inside Ring Engraver

Inside Ring Engraver
code description letter ht.
EN-020 Inside Ring Engraver  
EN-086 Reversible Dial Block 9mm / 4mm
EN-022-01 Diamond Tip  
EN-087 Reversible Dial Script 9mm / 4mm

Inside ring engraver is manufactured to the highest standards with hardened powder-coated paintwork.  The machine is compact, user friendly and complete with an engraving diamond tip. Wide ring-holding capacity of sizes from diameter 19 to 30mm. One single template produces letters with height of 1 and 2mm with automatic letter spacing. Includes practice rings and instructions. (Picture coming soon)

Reversible Dial Script



GRS Engraving Block

GRS Engraving BlockHeavy duty block with thrust bearing mounting for a smooth rotation without any slack. Adjust the block to whichever way you need, to allow working with reduced fatigue. Sliding jaws are operated by a steel screw in a close fitting “T” slot. Jaws are hardened, extra deep, and accept a set of pins, plates, and clamps to hold varied workpieces.

code description
EN-009 Block With Accessories



GRS Diamond Power HoneGRS Diamond Power Hone

A portable machine in a steel housing, powered by a continuous duty motor and a double bearing spindle. The GRS power Hone uses diamond wheels to sharpen hardened steels, high speed steels and carbide. The wheels last for years and stay flat for accuracy. Different grits are available from coarse to fine for mirror polishing.


code description
EN-100 1525 Power Hone With 600 Dia. Wheel - 110V/60Hz
EN-101 1543 Power Hone With 600 Dia. Wheel - 220V/50Hz





GRS Dual Angle Sharpening System

GRS Dual Angle Sharpening SystemThe complete system includes Power Hone, Quick Wheel Change Adapter, 260 and 600 grit Diamond Wheels, Ceramic Lap, Diamond spray ¼ micron Diamond Spray, Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture and Wheel Storage Rack.

code description
EN-102 3577 Complete Dual Angle System - 110V/60Hz
EN-103 3572 Complete Dual Angle System - 220V/50Hz





GRS Dual Angle Fixture OnlyGRS Dual Angle Fixture Only

A fixture that holds a wider variety of tools and adjusts to more angles than the standard fixture. With two degree dials, you can set the elevation angle and the rotation angle of each tool. The fixture holds tools with or without handles and even those in QC holders.

code description
EN-104 3570 Dual Angle Fixture With Post
EN-105 3571 Dual Angle Fixture Head Only




GRS Q/Change Sharpening FixtureGRS Q/Change Sharpening Fixture

Insert the tool with its QC holder into the front of this fixture and sharpen. It has two degree dials, plus a unique detent system that makes sharpening faster and easier.

code description
EN-106 3580 Quick Change Sharpening With Post
EN-107 3581 Quick Change Sharpening Head Only


GRS Diamond and Ceramic Wheels

GRS Diamond and Ceramic Wheels
code description
EN-108 Diamond Wheel 5" Dia. 260 Grit C
EN-109 Diamond Wheel 5" Dia. 600 Grit M
EN-110 Diamond Wheel 5" Dia. 1200 Grit F
EN-111 Ceramic Lap 6" Dia. - use with diamond spray
EN-112 Diamond Spray 1/2 Micron Fine
EN-113 1838 Quick Wheel Change Adapter












Beading Tool Sets

Beading Tool SetsConcave tip that puts beads on prongs to secure stones in mountings. Set of 12 from #5-16 (0.5 to 1.05mm). Set of 24 from #0-22 (0.5 to 1.35mm). All on plastic stands with a handle.

code description
BD-628 12 pcs.
BD-629 24 pcs.
BD-630 Beading Tool Holder