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Diamond Tools & Supplies

Sorting Trays

Sorting TraysUse this ideal tray, made of unbreakable plastic and available in tow colors. Four grooves on one side, and specific hole sizes on the other, provides a functional way to sort all loose gemstones.

code description size
DI-107 White-Grooved 7.125"x3.75"
DI-108 Black-Grooved 7.125"x3.75"


Diamond Sieve Sets

Diamond Sieve Sets
plates 47mm 66mm 80mm 107mm
23 DI-050 DI-070 DI-080 DI-083
42 DI-052 DI-072 DI-082 DI-084
40 DI-035 DI-036 DI-037 DI-038

Long lasting chrome plated brass sieves to sort diamonds and other precious stones. Calibrated sizes in a full range.

23 plates- 000-20 in full numbers- Econo
42 plates- 000-20 with half numbers- Econo
40 plates- 0-20 with half numbers- Belgium.



Parcel PapersParcel Papers

Choice selected papers, polished to perfection. Unmatched for protection. Created to enhance gems with reflected light. Select from different flute colors for every situation. Available as 25 papers per pack and 4 packs per box. Sizes from 1 to 4.

  code stone outside paper inside flutes size #
Belgium Diamond Parcel Papers
  DI-202 Diamond White 2-Dark Blue 3.25"x1.75" 1


Leveridge Type Gauge

Leveridge Type GaugeThe most versatile measuring instrument for any jeweler appraiser or gem cutter. Estimates weight of diamonds mounted or loose. May also be used for other precious gems and pearls. Comes with high setting attachment and weight estimator. Includes an inside measuring system for rings. Precision crafted for years of service.

code description
GM-602 Leveridge Type Gauge
GM-605 Book & Case


Presidium Gauges

Presidium GaugesPresidium Dial Gauge: Predictable accuracy. Read out measurement in millimeters and weight in carats simultaneously. Measures stones up to 23mm in divisions of 0.1mm. Hardened wear resistant measuring surfaces. Includes a conversion booklet and a carrying case.
Presidium Digital Gemstone Gauge: Hi-tech, solid state circuitry eliminates miscalculation and gives direct digital read out up to one micron accuracy. Features include long life battery, zero reset and auto-off. Unsurpassed value for the discriminating jeweler.

code description
GM-606 Dial Gauge
GM-603 Digital Gemstone Gauge





Pocket Digital Gauge

Pocket Digital GaugePrecision pocket digital caliper with LCD display and zero re-set button. Maximum reading 25mm. Resolution 0.01mm.

code description
GM-604 Pocket Digital Gauge


Diamond and Pearl Gauges

Diamond and Pearl GaugesAn elegant, sensitive, precision engineered, dial gauge for accurate measurements of pearls and other small stones. Parallel, ground measuring maximum of 10mm. Dial rotates for absolute zero setting.

code description
GM-503 Econo-10mm


Presidium Diamond Testers

Presidium Diamond TestersDiamond Fact: Top of the line tester that performs like a pro. Instantly separates simulant from the genuine. Small compact pocket model has needle tip testing point for extremely small stones. Operates on two AAA batteries (not included). Comes in a carrying case with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Diamond Mate: Professional, compact, sleek pen like instrument. Advanced digital electronic circuitry consistently and reliably distinguishes between diamonds and simulant. Operation is simple. LED display shows green and gives audible beep when diamond is tested.

code description
TS-220 Diamond Fact
TS-240 Diamond Mate-A
TS-241 Diamond Mate-C with Battery Charger





Presidium Multi Testers

Presidium Multi TestersUtilize the combined principles of thermal and electrical conductivity from our patented technology. The measuring probes, together with the electronics circuitry, are designed to pick up and segregate data collected from the stones via a customized micro-controller. Within a split second, the test result will be displayed. Dimension 160 x 42 x 22mm.

code description
TS-222 Presidium Multi Tester
TS-223 Adapter For Multi Tester




Diamond Tester – JapanDiamond Tester – Japan

Improved positive sensing distinguishes the look alike from the genuine. A very reliable tester that identifies natural diamond from white corundum, Y.A.G and other simulant. Advanced electronic display. Simultaneous audible beep and light signal for instant recognition. Supported by manufacturer’s warranty.

code description
TS-210 Culti - Japan




DiamondNite - Diamond Tester

code description
TS-200-NITE DiamondNite

A perfect diamond tester, capable of identifying diamonds AND moissanite. It provides clear audio and visual/light signals. Furthermore, it alerts against metal. Operates on 9V battery.



Diamond Detective
code description
TS-200-DD Diamond Detective

Diamond Detective

Simple and easy operation. Accurately test small or large stones. Fast warm up time-6 seconds.



Diamond Testers – USA

Diamond Testers – USAFast, sensitive and reliable. Delivers result in seconds. Tests even the smallest gem stones. Negligible warm up time, automatic shut off and audible diamond signal. Supported by manufacturer’s warranty.

code description
TS-200 Mizar - USA


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