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Dynasonic - Super Ultrasonic Cleaner

Stainless steel tank makes this cleaner both durable and long lasting. Engineered to generate ultrasonic waves at 40 kHz throughout the cycle, these powerful waves can penetrate into the most intricate and inaccessible areas where other methods of cleaning fail, thus promoting extremely high degree soil removal at an incredible rate, as compared to other conventional ways of cleaning, rendering it the ultimate professional cleaning solution for any jewelry.

code description Tank Size heater specification
UL-Dyna24 Dynasonic 2 quarts Tank 6"x5.33"x4" Yes 110V/60Hz-45W
UL-Dyna34 Dynasonic 3 quarts Tank 9.5"x5.33"x4" Yes 110V/60Hz-45W

Hoffman Steam Cleaners

Hoffman Steam CleanersSteam cleaners are an efficient and cost effective way to clean jewelry and other articles prior to plating. This unit develops 70-90 PSI steam in a short time. Constructed of a stainless steel outer cabinet. Essential features include: a sealed heating element, adjustable thermostat, safety valve and a water level sight gauge. UL and ASME approved.

code specification capacity
CL-020 110V/60Hz JEL3 - 2 gal






code specification capacity
CL-020.1 110V/60Hz 2 gal

Dimensions: 16.25"W x 6.5"D x 16.75"H











Steam AdditiveSteam Additive

A necessary additive for removing rust and mineral deposit in the boiler, chamber of steam cleaners. Regular use extends the life of the unit by preventing calcium build up and reduces scaling.

code description
CL-035 Steam Additive - 16 oz





3qtElma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Complete stainless steel construction, both inside and outside, makes this cleaner both durable and long lasting. Engineered to generate ultrasonic waves at 35 kHz throughout the cycle, these powerful waves reach into fine recesses and hard to get areas. Includes an acid resistant tub and glass beakers.


code capacity tank size heater specifications
UL-010 1.75L / 0.5 gal 6"x5.33"x4" Yes 110V/60Hz 100W
UL-012 2.75L / 0.75 gal 9.5"x5.33"x4" Yes 110V/60Hz 240W
UL-014 5.75L / 1.5 gal 12"x6"x6" Yes 110V/60Hz 285W




Buffing Compound RemoverBuffing Compound Remover

A specially developed alkaline liquid cleaner for removal of Tripoli, rouge and other buffing compounds. Eliminates hand wiping, streak marks and discoloration on gold, silver and other metal alloys. Use 2-4 oz per gallon of water.

code contents
UL-080 1 gal




Plastic Coated Steam Tweezers

Plastic Coated Steam Tweezers
code length
TW-458 8"
TW-460 10"
TW-462 12"

Coating on tweezers tips provides a non-scratch surface for holding work pieces during steam cleaning. Made of heat resistant stainless steel.




Plastic Strainer

Plastic StrainerHeavy gauge, in three different sizes. The rim is reinforced and provided with a handle.

code dia.
UL-005 7"
UL-006 6"
UL-007 4"
UL-008 3"




Portable Steam Cleaner

Portable Steam Cleaner
code description
UL-046 110V/60Hz - 1300 W

A bench model, made of heavy gauge stainless steel. Efficient steam generation at 90-130 PSI. Incorporates safety features for pressure and temperature limits. No need for any plumbing or boiler permit. Use only distilled or de-ionized water for maintenance free performance. UL listed. Dimension 12” L x 9”W x 10”Ht.



Parts Holding Baskets
code description
UL-030 Small Basket 6" x 1.5"
UL-031 Large Basket 6" x 2"

Parts Holding Baskets

Basket may be used for keeping small parts together during steam or ultrasonic cleaning. Quick acting spring device opens or closes the basket while loading or unloading parts.




Selvyt Cloths

Selvyt ClothsHigh quality, long lasting, lint free cloth. Treat it with a little polishing rouge then use it to shine jewelry, watches, silverware and crystal.

code size
PC-715 5" x 5"
PC-720 10" x 10"
PC-725 14" x 17"
PC-730 17" x 21"