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Kerr Satin Cast-20

Kerr Satin Cast-20Formulated for investment casting. Provides a clean breakaway and leaves a satin smooth finish that greatly reduces finishing time. The material blends to a smooth consistency and includes wetting agents that create a composite high strength mold. Suitable to cast gold, silver and other metals that melt at less than 2000F/1093C.

code description
CW-180 SQ. Drum - 100 lb/45 Kg






Rubber Mixing Bowls

Rubber Mixing BowlsBowls in two sizes, made in flexible long lasting rubber. Ideal to use for mixing investment powder.

code description
CI-074 Jumbo - 1 gal 9" x 7"
CI-074-01 Medium - 1.5" quart 6" x 6"


Dial Thermometer

A dual scale F/C thermometer. Use to accurately measure the temperature of wax or to calibrate vulcanizers. Dial diameter 1 ½ ”.

code description
CW-221 8" Stem - 50-400F (10-200C)

Dial Thermometer


Rubber Table PadRubber Table Pad

Rubber Table PadA rubber mat for use in vacuum casting under the bell jar. The silicone pad (red) is of premium quality and lasts longer. Ideal hardness effectively seals the jar on the investing table.

code description
CI-112 11" Square-Rubber
CI-113 7.5" Dia. Round - Silicone



Mold Release SpraysMold Release Sprays

Effective, non-stick silicone base releases spray that may be used on rubber or metal molds. Spray helps patterns to come off clean from the mold.

code description
CR-820 Castaldo - 20 oz
CR-821 Sprits - 20 oz







Castaldo Gold Label

Castaldo Gold LabelThis is soft, natural, pliable rubber. It has the ideal characteristics for difficult molds containing undercuts, filigree and settings. Rubber is 1/8” thick and vulcanizes at 310F – 15 minutes for ¼” mold frame thickness.

Strips CR-703
Ready Cut CR-704


Castaldo White Label

Castaldo White LabelFirm and flexible. A good all purpose mold rubber that is suited for thin molds. Rubber is 1/8” thick, vulcanizes at 310F – 15 minutes for ¼” mold frame thickness.

Strips CR-603
Ready Cut CR-604



Castaldo No-Shrink Pink

Castaldo No-Shrink PinkMinimal shrinkage of less than 1%. High adherence for detail and excellent memory. May be used alone or combined with Gold Label or White Label on the outside of the mold to save costs.

Strips CR-706
Ready Cut CR-707



Castaldo Super High Strength

Castaldo Super High Strength
code description
CR-705 Silicone Strips - 5 lb PK
CR-708 Econosil Strips - 2.875" x 18"

Silicone/Econosil Strips
Silicone strips are extremely strong, tough and flexible. When uncured, it is easy to pack detailed areas. Works like clay or putty and produces molds with good tear strength. Vulcanizes at 330F – 15 minutes per layer of rubber.
Econosil strips are harder, red in color, economical to use and easy to pack or cut. Low temperature metals like pewter may be cast directly in this rubber mold.



Castaldo Quick-Sil RTV Molding Rubber

Castaldo Quick-Sil RTV Molding RubberA safe, non-toxic two part silicone rubber-mix that is pliable. Cures in about 15 minutes at room temperature with heat, but with pressure. The rubber must be pressed or clamped in order to provide good detail. Good tear resistance with minimal shrinkage.

code description
CR-660 2 lb KIT
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