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Bench Duster Brush

Bench Duster Brush
code length
BU-033 9"

Very handy for cleaning your work area. Soft bristles, convenient wooden handle. Easy to use in everyday work as a general purpose brush.



Washout Brushes
code description
BU-031 Bone Handle
BU-032 Wooden Handle

Washout Brushes

Durable nylon bristles, set in rows, mounted in wood or bone, for common cleansing of work parts.



Scratch Brushes
code description
BU-029 Steel 4 Rows
BU-030 Brass 4 Rows

Scratch Brushes

Firmly anchored bristles of either brass or steel. Useful when cleaning work with or without solutions.



Unmounted Wheel Bristle Brushes
dia. 3/4" dia. 1" grade
BU-115 BU-111 Ex-Soft
BU-114 BU-117 Soft
BU-113 BU-118 Medium
BU-112 BU-116 Stiff

Unmounted Wheel Bristle Brushes

These have different grades of bristle hardness. Select according to individual application. All with arbor hole 1/8".



Unmounted Plastic Brushes

Unmounted Plastic BrushesSmall tightly packed bristle brush, has plastic center for extra support. A feature that contributes to considerable stiffness for consistent finishes on all surfaces.

code dia. x trim. l grade
BU-001 2" x 5/8" Stiff
BU-002 2" x 5/8" Medium
BU-003 2" x 5/8" Soft
BU-004 2" x 5/8" Brass
BU-005 2" x 5/8" Steel

Unmounted Plastic Brushes






End Bristle Brushes

End Bristle BrushesUse these brushes to clean grooves, curves and in between cleaves. End mounted on 3/32" shanks, makes it easy to quick change on hand pieces. Apply only light pressure at high speeds.

code dia. x trim. l grade
BU-144 3/16" x 1/4" Soft
BU-144 3/16" x 1/4" STIFF
BU-144 3/16" x 3/8" Soft
BU-144 3/16" x 3/8" STIFF






End Wire Mounted Brushes

Ideal for use to clean confined work areas. Made of soft brass or hard steel and mounted on 3/32" shanks. Size 3/16" x 1/4".

code description type
BU-144 Straight Brass
BU-144-01 Crimped Brass
BU-144-02 Straight Steel
BU-144-03 Crimped Steel

End Wire Mounted Brushes



Bristle Cup Brushes
code dia. Grade
BU-100 1/2" STIFF
BU-101 1/2" Soft

Bristle Cup Brushes

An inverted cone type brush for working over large areas. Mounted on 3/32" shanks.




Metal Cup Brushes on Mandrel

Metal Cup Brushes on MandrelInverted cone type, choice of brass or steel straight wire bristles, provides delicate or firm scouring on work pieces. Mounted on 3/32" shanks.

code dia. type
BU-107 1/2" Brass
BU-109 1/2" Steel





Mounted Brass Brushes

Mounted Brass BrushesSmall diameter soft brass brushes, swaged and evenly distributed on the periphery. Ideal for that soft feel on external curves and shallow valleys. Mounted on 3/32" shanks.

code dia. type
BU-132 1" Crimped
BU-133 3/4" Crimped
BU-133-01 3/4" Straight
BU-133-02 1" Straight






Mounted Steel Brushes

Small diameter firm steel brushes fixed in a steel hub. Suitable for tough scouring. Works efficiently for initial removal of high spots and blending surfaces. Mounted on 3/32" shanks.

code dia. type
BU-134 1" Crimped
BU-135 3/4" Crimped
BU-136 3/4" Straight
BU-137 1" Straight

Mounted Steel Brushes

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