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Bench Accessories

Burnisher-Tungsten Carbide

Burnisher-Tungsten CarbideMicro-grained, super hard tungsten carbide will smooth and finish all metals including platinum. Silver or gold will not adhere to this burnisher. Excellent for closing and smoothing.

code description
BS-405 7/8" Tip





Agate Burnishers

Agate BurnishersMade of natural stone, straight or knife edged, this super polished surface smoothes all marks or other imperfections on jewelry.

code description
BR-725 Straight
BR-726 Knife Edge


Third Hand Round Base

Third Hand Round BaseHeavy base with double joint positioning, makes for hands free working while soldering. Includes straight cross locking tweezers to hold the component.

code description
HO-010 Third Hand W/Tweezers
HO-011 Base Only
TW-477 Tweezers



Bracelet Mandrels

Bracelet MandrelsThese mandrels are adaptable for shaping, stretching, and forming bracelets. Exterior surface is smoothly polished. Available in round and oval shapes.

code shape
MD-025 Oval
MD-030 Round
MD-031 Round Wooden


Bracelet HolderBracelet Holder

All metal clamp, secures bracelet easily, eliminating the use of shellac. A relief on the diameter provides a space to nest the clasp.

code diameter
HO-302 3.5"





Peg Clamp Holder

Peg Clamp HolderHand held holder with moveable pins to hold any odd shaped parts. Remove handle to fit in a vise. Useful when engraving and setting.

code description
HO-008 Peg Clamp




Screw Plates with Taps

Screwplates with TapsThree different ranges to form internal or external fine pitch threads for nuts or screws. May also be used to rectify and repair damaged threads.

code description
SP-071 0.6 - 2.0mm-Swiss
SP-072 0.7 - 2.0mm-German
SP-073 0.5 - 1.5mm-Japan
SP-074 0.85 - 1.5mm-Deluxe






Wood Handle Scribers

Wood Handle ScribersEconomical steel scriber, has a sharpened point for layout work. Triangular shaped hollow or solid form permits removal of burrs or other detail work.

code description
BS-401 Hollow
BS-402 Solid





Margin Rollers

Margin RollersIndividually sized burnishing tool that effectively removes porosity, pits or scratch marks on the inside of rings and bracelets.

code description
DI-110-99 12mm
DI-111 10mm
DI-112 8mm






Magnetic Tool Holder

Magnetic Tool HolderAn efficient organizer that instantly holds, yet releases quickly, all your small tools and implements. Mounts conveniently near your work bench.

code description
HO-040 12"
HO-041 18"
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