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Abrasives & Mandrels

India Combination Stone

Made from aluminum oxide, these stones provide a keen cutting edge on gravers and other tools. Lubrication with a light oil is essential. Available as a combination-one side coarse and the other fine. Color-Orange/Brown.

Code Size Grade
AT-026 6"x2"x1" Coarse/Fine
AT-034 8"x2"x1" Coarse/Fine

India Combination Stone


Norton India Oil Stone

Norton India Oil StoneMade from superior grade aluminum oxide. Enhances cutting edges on knives, chisels, gravers and other precision tools. Lubrication with a light oil smear eliminates swarf build up during use.

code size grade
AT-027 4"x1"x0.5" Fine
AT-028 6"x2"x1" Fine
AT-029 8"x2"x1" Fine
AT-033 WOOD BOX FOR AT-028/AT-031
code size grade
AT-030 4"x1"x0.5" Medium
AT-031 6"x2"x1" Medium
AT-032 8"x2"x1" Medium


Ruby Bench Stone Ruby Bench Stone

Made of Pure synthetic ruby crystals, these stones have outstanding wear resistance and are therefore specially suited for sharpening carbide gravers and tools. Use with or without light oil lubrication.

code size grade
AT-053 4"x1"x3/8" Fine Two Sides
AT-054 4"x1"x3/8" Med. Two Sides
AT-055 4"x1"x3/8" Fine One Side
AT-056 4"x1"x3/8" Med. One Side
code size grade
AT-057 4.75"x1"x3/8" Fine One Side
AT-058 4.75"x1"x3/8" Med. One Side



Graver Sharpening Stone

Diamond sharpening stones are designed to fine finish the edges of gravers, screwdrivers and tools. A sharper stronger tool edge allows you to achieve cleaner lines and brighter cuts. Lubricate with water. Size 6"x2"x1/4".

code grit grade
AT-025-06 600 Fine
AT-025-07 1200 X-Fine

Graver Sharpening Stone


Original Arkansas Stones

Original Arkansas StonesNatural Arkansas stones are excellent for sharpening and final honing of gravers. Available in hard and ultra hard grades. Hard grades are dense-grained and ideal for pre-sharpening. Ultra hard are close-grained for final honing. Lubricate with a light oil for rapid cutting.

code size grade
AT-004 4"x2"x0.5" Hard
AT-006 6"x2"x0.5" Hard
AT-008 8"x2"x0.5" Hard
code size grade
AT-014 4"x2"x0.5" Ex-Hard
AT-016 6"x2"x0.5" Ex-Hard
AT-018 8"x2"x0.5" Ex-Hard


Imported Arkansas

code size grade
100x40x12mm Hard
100x50x12mm Hard
125x40x18mm Hard
150x40x18mm Hard
150x50x18mm Hard
175x50x18mm Hard
200x50x18mm Hard

Imported Arkansas




Norton Oil

Norton OilSpecially formulated for use as a lubricant on sharpening stones. Avoids swarf build up and speeds up the sharpening process.

code contents
AT-036 4.5 oz
AT-037 8 oz





Norton Emery Polishing PaperNorton Emery Polishing Paper

Corundum grains are glue bonded to paper back. Finely graded, these papers smooth surfaces to a high degree of finish. Efficient for dry, satin smooth polishing. Sheet size 8.5" x 14".

code grit grade
AT-167 4/0 Fine
AT-168 3/0 Fine
AT-169 2/0 Fine
code grit grade
AT-170 0 Medium
AT-171 #1 Medium
AT-172 #2 Coarse
AT-173 #3 Coarse


Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge RollsMost effective for flash removal, polishing or removing machine tool marks and edge breaking. Reaches into corners where larger diameter tools cannot work. Available in Aluminum Oxide resin bond. Use with cartridge roll mandrels.

code dia. x l grit grade
AT-150 0.5"x1" 180 Fine
AT-151 0.5"x1" 120 Medium
AT-152 0.5"x1" 80 Coarse
code dia. x l grit grade
AT-154 0.5"x1.5" 180 Fine
AT-155 0.5"x1.5" 120 Medium
AT-156 0.5"x1.5" 80 Coarse

Emery SticksEmery Sticks

Various grades of emery paper, glued to flat wood handles 0.75" x 9", provide a solution for sanding and polishing all materials during manual finishing. Select from various grades.

code grit grade
AT-260 4/0 Fine
AT-261 3/0 Fine
AT-262 2/0 Fine
code grit grade
AT-263 #1 Medium
AT-264 #2 Coarse
AT-265 #3 Coarse
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